Some of my pieces chilling at O-CHA tea bar for the month of October :3 


The (messy) #illustration workspace area in constant flux and redecoration. ✨#whatisorganized

the most interesting part of my room, apart from my plushie collection.


I miss my hard working Girls’ Room ladies! So I’m putting them in project I’m on!

Be sure to check out all of the cool stuff they’re getting into:
Jade Johnson | Jessica Roux | Patricia Thomasson | Julia Lavigne | Natalie Wong | Victoria VerHagen | Danielle Carey

I know these guys x3

new illo goodies will be here soon.

look out for updates!


Got a very sweet card from @julia_lavigne today :3 the wall is getting more color! 🌈

check more of Julia’s work out at

your work it´s amazing, everything is so beautiful

Wow, thank you so much, you’re making me blush!! ^_^;
i just added something new, hope you enjoy :)

” Growth “
graphite, pastel, acrylic & digital

Illustration © Natalie Wong 2013

So many biddies, so little time